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Internship Day 2018

The Placement Team conducted an Internship Day for the Bachelors (1st, 2nd & 3rd year) and MBA-I students. Miss Rabia Suhail, Manager Placement Office, talked about the importance of internships, resume writing, and techniques to give good interview. The purpose of this activity was to spread awareness regarding the summer internship and how students can apply for internship through the placement office. It was an interactive session where students discussed their queries regarding internships. After the session, the placement team also reviewed the resumes of students and made suitable changes where required. Students were given EQ (Emotional Intelligence) test made by Placement Office. The two main objective of EQ test were:
1.Understanding of yourself, your goals, aspirations, response and behavior.
2.Understanding of others and their feelings


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CCI Recruitment Drive 2018

CCI Pakistan visited the Lahore School of Economics on February 28th, 2018 to conduct a recruitment drive for their Management Trainee Program 2018. The students were introduced to the Coca-Cola system, learnt about CCI Pakistan in terms of its vision, structure, culture & values and were given a detailed briefing about the Management Trainee Program for this year.

The fun filled session gave an opportunity to the students to interact with senior leadership, hear experiences from their alumni and gain better insight on CCI Pakistan as an employer of choice.

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Job Fair 2018

Job Fair is a golden opportunity for students to network with the representative of leading companies. On 1st March 2018, Lahore School of Economics organized its annual Job Fair for the graduate BBA and MBA students, which served as an opportunity for them to enter the corporate world. It is a platform where students and alumni get a chance to meet a significant number of distinguished and eminent companies.

Fifty five organizations were present to offer jobs and internships to willing and enthusiastic students. The companies ranged from small scale to large scale, and even NGO's. The students’ and employers' zest was unmatched, keeping up the spirit of professionalism. Overall, the event was a huge success and the Placements Office wishes the students the best of luck for their future endeavors.

Following companies participated in the Job Fair 2018.
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Session on Spirit of Volunteering By The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

On 21st February 2018, Ahsan Ali Asif, Manager Volunteers & Alumni at The Citizens Foundation (TCF), visited Lahore School of Economics to conduct a session on "The Spirit of Volunteering". He started off with the importance of volunteer work, telling the students how it boosts self-confidence and inculcates a sense of responsibility when you go out to help the community. He also mentioned that having volunteering experience benefits the students when they apply abroad as universities favor students who have volunteer experience. He also said that volunteer work is not limited to a specific age group as they currently have volunteers from ages 40 to 50 as well who are enthusiastically working with the foundation.

He introduced 4 of TCF's volunteer programs:
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Dressing Up For Workplace

On 13th February 2018, Tuesday, Hifsa Khan from the “Hifsa Khan Salon & Studio” came to join us for a grooming session at SBS Library. Hifsa Khan is a well known face of Pakistan’s fashion industry who started off as a banker at Bank of Emirates. After being a part of the corporate world for 6 years, she resigned and decided to step into the world of makeup. Despite the initial objection, she succeeded in convincing her family and soon started her own set up which has been expanding yearly ever since. Unlike many others out there, Hifsa has always made sure to maintain the standards of perfection that have been set earlier and continues in doing so.

 She spoke at length about the need for girls to look presentable and professional at all times during work, whether it is as an employee or intern. She gave a few hair care and skin care tips. Moreover, she also gave suggestions for impressive interview looks and outfits for all the career oriented ladies. A demonstration was given by her assistant makeup artists on a model chosen from the audience which was followed by a helpful Q&A session. The session came to an end with a powerful message by Hifsa Khan who stated that the best thing to wear is your confidence; a confident woman can overcome any obstacle that comes her way. She urged the girls to not follow fashion in a way that threatens their individuality and told them how to use fashion as a tool to express their own self.

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Nestle Recruitment Session

Nestle brought a lot of thrill and excitement to the campus by coming for their recruitment session on 24th January, 2018. Two days earlier Nestle’s campus ambassador did an interesting prehype activity to engage students and register them for the upcoming session. The team started off with having an  activity with the students where they need to be creative and draw their ideas on a piece of chart by keeping in mind the tagline “Nestle Meets LSE”. It was a fun activity and the team with most number of votes was announced as winners.

The session started with Nestle team talking about their company and how it is ranked among its competitors. Four of the five representatives from Nestle team were Lahore School’s alumni and they talked about their journey from Lahore School to Nestle. Mr Daniyal Ali, Consumer Insight Manager mentioned key pointers which he thought enabled him to make it to Nestle and how students should focus more on those in order to succeed. Ms Mina Shahid, Lead Procurement Specialist talked about how internships in reputable companies are important as when companies like Nestle need a resource they first look into their data base of interns who had performed well during their internships so those students have a greater chance of landing into the company for jobs once they graduate. They briefed the students about their MTO program, lateral hiring and their summer internship program.

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Meet & Greet - Resume Editing Day

A Meet & Greet and Resume Editing Day activity was organized by the Placement Office on 18th and 19th of January, 2018 for the graduating Bachelors students to ensure their resume is error free and appropriate before the recruitment season starts for the year. The activity involved one on one discussion session with Ms Rabia Suhail, Manager Placements and Ms Zarnab Zulfiqar , Coordinator Bachelors third year and fourth year students. They reviewed each student’s resume in detail and gave them suggestions on how to improve it and make it a winning resume. They also discussed student‘s career aspirations and goals and gave individual feedback on how to further improve themselves.

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