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Inspiring Career Series - Session II

The Second Session of the Inspiring Career Series was conducted on 31st January 2019. Ammad Hassan Mir, a fitness trainer and an aspiring actor along with Maham, Ali an Insta Blogger with the name Desibaguette was invited to talk about their distinctive careers.

Mr Mir, talked about the inner conflict that arose while he was doing a 9-5 job at Kansai Paints, how he struggled, trying to explain his parents that he wants to become a fitness trainer and actor, the challenges faced during his initial struggle to pursue his passion. He also explained the role of support system and how vital it is to make a person what he aspires to be.
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MBA Mentorship Program 2018

MBA Mentorship Program was conducted on Dec 1st, 2018. It was an initiative by the Placement Office for the graduating MBA class of 2019. The purpose of the session was to bring alumni working at senior positions from companies preferred by our current students to guide the current MBA batch.

The mentors provided guidance, information and connections to the students regarding the hiring process, job performance, career progressions, market dynamics, workplace skills/ ethics / values  and long term career plans that would clarify and strengthen their career path.
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How to deal with corporate environment?

Roshaneh Zafar, Founder and Managing Director Kashf foundation was invited by the Placement office to deliver a session to the graduating class of bachelors and MBA. The session was aimed to train the students on how to deal with corporate environment and challenges faced by women.

She started off with telling the students how she left her job at World Bank to set up Kashf foundation. She talked about the stereotypes and difficulties she had to face initially and how she addressed those. Ms Roshaneh educated the students regarding the hurdles women have to face in our society if they decide to enter the corporate world. She talked about the positive outcomes of women participation in the workforce; better opportunities for women contribute to broader economic development for society as a whole. She also talked about the fact that women need to look for mentors, push themselves to seize new opportunities, take risks and overcome self-doubt in order to grow personally and professionally.
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PEPSICO Change The Game Challenge

PEPSICO visited Lahore School of Economics on October 12th, 2018 bringing along lots of vigor and enthusiasm as they talked about their Change the Game Challenge. It was a great opportunity for students where they can bring their ideas to win an international experience with PepsiCo. Along with that the five runners - up teams will directly qualify for PepsiCo 2019 MTO Program. Atif Sultan Ali Khan, Marketing Manager Snacks explained in detail about the core of the Pepsi brands and what the judges are looking for in this competition. Winners of last year, who were currently working as Management Trainees at PepsiCo talked about their personal experiences at PepsiCo. They also briefed the students on how taking part in this competition helped them grow, both personally and professionally.

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Career Counseling Day

Career counseling day was organized by the Placement office on Thursday 4th October, 2018. The basic aim of this event was to connect with the freshmen students and to understand their aspirations. The session started off with Ms Rabia Suhail, Manager Placement giving an overview of Placement office trainings and sessions and explaining the importance of internship according to the industry and specialization they choose .It was followed by a pop up quiz where students were asked questions from the presentation and the students who came up with correct answers were given placement office souvenirs. The students were guided to work on their weaknesses and highlight their strengths.

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Orientation 2018

The Lahore School of Economics Orientation ' 18 was held on 3rd and 4th September 2018 at the Garden Cafe. The Placement office team was present to guide the students about the Placement office activities and how they can be a part of it. The Campus Ambassador Program was also advertised for freshmen, so that they can get an opportunity to work with the Placement office.

Brochures containing information on importance of internships and how to register with the Placement office were distributed among students. Colorful souvenirs were given to students visiting the stall as a token of remembrance.

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