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Session by Punjab Small Industries Corporation

Placements Office conducted a session in collaboration with the Pakistan's Government regarding the Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) on the 22nd of January 2020 in Lahore School of Economics Burki Campus, TRC 5.

PSIC has taken an initiative to empower skilled youth by introducing different loaning schemes up to PKR. 3 million on easy terms and conditions for Entrepreneurs and SME Businesses in different clusters and sectors.

The speaker Saim Masood Ejaz,  shed light on the importance of entrepreneurship and how the government is facilitating in terms of providing different loans based on the various startups ideas people come up with and also providing incubation space.

The key focus of the session was on the recent transition of uplifting cottage and handicraft industry in the provisions of loans, business development support, handicraft product development, and infrastructure support to Entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Furthermore, it was also explained that PSIC has launched an awareness campaign for university students with objectives of giving awareness to youth about the initiative being taken by Government of the Punjab, to empower them to be self-employed, to promote the cottage and handicraft industry which is rich with culture, letting skilled youth know about potential demand in different clusters and sectors of Punjab and assuring the financial component to be fully supported by PSIC on easy terms and conditions.

The session was followed by a Q&A session and tea.

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Career Counseling Day 2019

Career counseling day was organized by the Placement Office on Thursday 13th November, 2019. The basic aim of this event was to connect with the freshmen students and to understand their aspirations. 
The session started off with Ms Rabia Suhail, Manager Placement giving an overview of Placement office trainings and sessions and explaining the importance of internship according to the industry and specialization they choose. Miss Fazeela Tariq was the counselor for the 1st and 2nd Year, Miss Zarnab Zulfiqar for the 3rd and 4th year and Miss Rabia Suhail for the MBA and EMBA Students.

The session took place in TRC 5 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
The event included the following

- A session focusing on major choices and choosing the right career
- Individual counseling
- Group counseling
Career counseling was for all years of Bachelors and MBA students.

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Mentorship 2019

Lahore School Placements Office conducted its 2nd Mentorship Program on 22nd November 2019. It was an initiative by the Placement Office for the graduating Bachelors and MBA batch. The session was conducted in TRC 5 & 6 where about 50 students got a chance to meet top employers, get to know about the company, hiring process, recruitment prospects and the opportunities the organizations currently have. The students were guided to work on their weaknesses and highlight their strengths. Students were confused whether to invest in MBA or go directly for a job. Through the session, employers solved a lot of queries about getting and growing in a job and told the students how to wear confidence.

The purpose of the session was to bring alumni working at senior positions from companies preferred by our current students to guide the students.
The mentors provided guidance, information and connections to the students regarding the hiring process, job performance, career progressions, market dynamics, workplace skills/ ethics / values and long term career plans that would clarify and strengthen their career path.

The event involved one on one discussion between students and mentors. It provided students a great platform to interact with experienced professionals and get valuable guidance and network.
It was followed by dinner for both the students and the alumni who took part in the Mentorship Program.

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Resume Writing Session

A session of Resume Writing was organized by the Lahore School Placements Office for the sole purpose of improving the resumes of students from LSE. This was held on Friday 15th November. The main focus was on the 1st and 2nd year students who have just joined in and are yet to make their resume.

We aim to thrive our students and propel them throughout their academic years as well as their career. With this rationale Miss Fazeela from placements LSE did the honors and moved forward with the guidance and presentation.

From communication skills to education to experience and all the other factors which specifically affect your resume were presented in detail, each and every aspect was covered. It was made sure that no queries are left and no one in the session is confused about their resumes anymore.

The event’s purpose was to guide students towards writing a perfect resume and how it can greatly impact their career they want to pursue. 

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Challenges Faced by Women in the Corporate Sector

Session on challenges faced by women in the Corporate Sector was organized by Lahore School Placements Office.
The speaker was Sadaf Ikram who is an experienced Strategy and Operations manager in Coca Cola İçecek with a demonstrated history in the food and beverages industry.

She shed light on some major points essential in the corporate world, mainly that is networking which has great weight in large corporations.
The speaker told how networking might help you in excelling in corporate world. Wrong accusations and how women are attacked in corporations was also explained followed by phenomenal ways to deal with them and stay above them. She ended the talk by talking about mentor ship and how a mentor can shape your career like no one else. Without a mentor you’ll be a cruise ship in the pacific without a navigation system.

The main aim of the session was to make the students aware of the various problems they can go through in the corporate sector and how nothing can back them down to pursue their career. Sadaf also shared examples from her life which helped her throughout her journey. It was an intellectual and socially active event which was followed by refreshments.

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Session on Stress Management, 2nd October 2019

“Ever reflected on the rudimentary of stress, perceiving how it emerges within you?”

Beginning with such an intellectual question Jahanzeb Ahmed Khan, attaining great expertise in stress management techniques, conducted a very interactive session with the students of Lahore School of Economics.

Jahanhzeb Ahmed Khan owns Pinnacle Projects that specializes in direction driven transformation through secretarial advisory and life coaching experiences.

The session was conducted for undergraduates and emphasized on approaches that help avoid not just stress but anxiety and depression.  

It was concluded with a discussion on how we prioritize only our physically health but neglect the importance of our mental health.

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Session on Hiring Process 2020.

Placements office held a session on 24th October 2019, Thursday to brief the students about the hiring process of corporations for the year 2020. Miss Rabia Suhail gave a brief overview of the steps companies follow to recruit students from well known universities.

This session helped students identify the steps when companies conduct recruitment sessions, registration process and interview sessions.
Apart from this students were  provided guidance on how to improve their resume according to certain corporations as different corporations have different requirements

Miss Rabia Sohail explained about the various tests that organizations take such as Competency Based Testing (C-factor), Training for Assessment Center and STAR technique Interviews. The students were also explained and made aware about how they can prepare for all these tests and ace their interviews. The session was highly interactive and all the queries of students were answered.

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Fatima Group E2L Talk by Zainab Hamid

A new opportunity arose for the students of LSE with this interactive, well informed session held by Zainab Hamid from Fatima Group. She came to Lahore School of Economics to conduct E2L talk 2019. 

The session started off with a small backstory of Fatima Group and how they managed to become the giants in the market, what obstacles they faced at the early stages of their growth. Furthermore, the youngsters were made aware of the recruitment process and the way assessment centers work; how each and every applicant goes through different successive stages throughout the hiring process. Moreover, Zainab had a firm grip of the market and this helped the students to learn the current market situation and enabled them to think and act accordingly.

The aim of the session was not just limited to make the students aware of how they can apply for Fatima Group and what processes they will be going through (job as well as internships) but it was also a source for broadening their horizons; the amount of dedication, courage and hope which is required to achieve what one strives for. 

Overall the session was informative followed by a Q&A Session. 

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Fulbright Scholarship Session by Alishae Khar

A Full bright session was conducted by Ms. Alishae Khar: a full bright scholar and Lahore School of Economics alumnus. Ms. Alishae completed her second Master’s degree from Georgetown University, USA and had come back to Pakistan to work and serve the country. 

She talked about the Full Bright Scholarship Program which is a cultural exchange program funded by USAID, covering tuition fee, air fare, books, health care and a living stipend, as this is a 110% scholarship program. 

The degree programs which are funded by Full Bright include: 
1. 1-2 years (Master’s degree) and/or 5 years (PhD programs). 
2. The people eligible to apply are Pakistani citizens, who are studying or working here.
3. Must not be US nationals. 
4. Must have 16-18 years of formal education depending on the degree they are applying for. 
5. The scholar’s sign a contract to come back to work in Pakistan after completing their program, for at least 2 years. 

This is necessary so that the scholars share their experiences of studying in US and bring the culture and value to Pakistan. The session was very detailed, informative and Ms. Alishae encouraged the students to apply for Fulbright as well as the U-Grad program. 

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Networking Evening 2019

Lahore School of Economics Placement office organized a Networking Evening on 2 May 2019. The purpose of the event was to bring graduating bachelors, MBA and PMBA class together on the same platform with the employers. It gave the students a chance to meet top employers, get to know about the company, hiring process, recruitment prospects and the opportunities the organizations currently have.

The students were encouraged to actively participate and it gave them equal opportunity to connect, network and project themselves in their own unique manner. It was an informal meet up in an official setting.

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Gender Based Violence

Lahore School of Economics Placement Office in collaboration with the Punjab Government Chief Minister’s Office team arranged a session on 22 March 2019 to educate the students regarding gender based violence. It was part of the Punjab Government’s awareness campaign. The session started off with explaining the different types of violence and the gender inequality that prevails in our society.  

Ms Nida Ch talked about the definition of violence; and what comes under this definition. She talked about general everyday life examples where women rights are violated and they are subject to harassment and how to deal with it effectively. She also talked about acid victims and forced marriages. It is a common practice in our society that women rights are violated without even recognizing that it is violence. The society as a whole needs to work towards providing a safe environment for women for economic growth and development of Pakistan.

Ms Fatima Khalid briefed the students about the initiatives taken by the Government of Punjab to improve justice delivery services for survivors of gender based violence and showed important helplines where any such issues can be reported.

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Job Fair 2019

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Inspiring Career Series - Session II

The Second Session of the Inspiring Career Series was conducted on 31st January 2019. Ammad Hassan Mir, a fitness trainer and an aspiring actor along with Maham, Ali an Insta Blogger with the name Desibaguette was invited to talk about their distinctive careers.

Mr Mir, talked about the inner conflict that arose while he was doing a 9-5 job at Kansai Paints, how he struggled, trying to explain his parents that he wants to become a fitness trainer and actor, the challenges faced during his initial struggle to pursue his passion. He also explained the role of support system and how vital it is to make a person what he aspires to be.
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