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Personal Development Workshop – 17th July, 2018

Personal Development is an ongoing process which enables an individual to work on themselves to become better professionals. Usman Gillani a professional trainer started this workshop with a story about two mountaineers who started an expedition with their teams. Both teams faced similar weather conditions and had same destination points but the results of both teams were different. After the expedition when the results were compared it came out that the main reason for the winning team was their mindset. The growth mindset enabled the students to perform better and excel in life. The session was followed by an energizing activity for the participants.


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Acing Your Interview (Mock Interviews) – 16th July, 2018

Raafay Munir from Metro Cash & Carry conducted an interactive session to prepare the students for their upcoming job interviews. He gave tips and techniques on how to give winning interviews from his professional experience. In the session he gave examples of type of interviews and how to tackle each one respectively. He stressed the importance of being yourself and genuine in interviews Another important aspect of the training was mock interview exercise where he conducted mock interviews with students and gave detailed feedback at the end in order to improve their interview giving skills.
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Power of Public Speaking Workshop – 13th July, 2018

Usman Gillani, founder and owner Mashq Consulting was invited to share his valuable experiences regarding public speaking. He started off with a story about his school time when he was asked to give a speech in front of the school and how he was scared and unable to do so. He told the students that the art of public speaking is one such skill that could be worked on and improved by continuous hard work and dedication if one has the will. In his own life example he quoted that during his bachelors time while doing a street play for a project he realized the real power of public speaking. He asked the students what is that they feel is a hindrance to public speaking and guided them accordingly to make them better speakers. He also said that one has to just fight the inner fear and practice to excel the skill of powerful public speaking.


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Effective Presentations Skills & Resume Writing Workshop – 12th July, 2018

This session was conducted by Mariam Qadeer. She talked about the importance of an effective presentation and discussed key elements of an impactful presentation. It was an interactive session where she talked about various real time examples from her professional career. She also talked about elevator pitch and how to prepare an effective elevator speech. In the second half of the session Maryam reviewed her own resume as an example to show what a winning resume entails. Later she individually discussed each students resume and corrections were made.

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Business / Professional Writing Workshop – 11th July, 2018

Mariam Qadeer a Lahore School Alumni previously working at Coca Cola Pakistan and now self-employed at an interior designing firm, was invited to deliver a session on Business / Professional Writing. She discussed in detail about all the pointers to be covered while drafting effective emails. She quoted examples from her professional life where writing powerful emails played a key role in how you are taken at work. Writing professional and business emails is one tool that everyone needs to use on daily basis and people who are good at it definitely have an edge over others. The session was followed by an exercise where the participants were given a situation and they needed to respond via email. At the end of the session the participants were asked to read their emails aloud and corrections were made.


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Advanced Excel Workshop – 9th & 10th July, 2018

Excel skills are the most crucial for students who are about to enter job market as a certain level of excel knowledge is mandatory in every job and the inability to work with excel is something that cannot be acceptable from a graduate seeking job. To help the students learn and improve their advanced excel skills Mr Mirza Afgan Babar a Lahore School graduate currently working at Boeing, London was invited to conduct the workshop. He started off with briefing about the learning objectives followed by covering different functions and operations of excel which the students practiced on their laptops on the data set provided to them.


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Mathematical techniques for Organization Tests 2nd July, 2018 -6th July, 2018

Mathematics being a major part of all organizational tests is an integral skill that students need to master to clear tests and secure jobs at reputable companies. To improve mathematical skills of students and increase the probability of students clearing the tests five Mathematics sessions were organized by the Placements office which covered techniques to crack the questions in given time. The sessions were held from 2nd July, 2018 to 6th July, 2018.


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