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How to deal with corporate environment?

Roshaneh Zafar, Founder and Managing Director Kashf foundation was invited by the Placement office to deliver a session to the graduating class of bachelors and MBA. The session was aimed to train the students on how to deal with corporate environment and challenges faced by women.

She started off with telling the students how she left her job at World Bank to set up Kashf foundation. She talked about the stereotypes and difficulties she had to face initially and how she addressed those. Ms Roshaneh educated the students regarding the hurdles women have to face in our society if they decide to enter the corporate world. She talked about the positive outcomes of women participation in the workforce; better opportunities for women contribute to broader economic development for society as a whole. She also talked about the fact that women need to look for mentors, push themselves to seize new opportunities, take risks and overcome self-doubt in order to grow personally and professionally.

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