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On 13th February 2018, Tuesday, Hifsa Khan from the “Hifsa Khan Salon & Studio” came to join us for a grooming session at SBS Library. Hifsa Khan is a well known face of Pakistan’s fashion industry who started off as a banker at Bank of Emirates. After being a part of the corporate world for 6 years, she resigned and decided to step into the world of makeup. Despite the initial objection, she succeeded in convincing her family and soon started her own set up which has been expanding yearly ever since. Unlike many others out there, Hifsa has always made sure to maintain the standards of perfection that have been set earlier and continues in doing so.

 She spoke at length about the need for girls to look presentable and professional at all times during work, whether it is as an employee or intern. She gave a few hair care and skin care tips. Moreover, she also gave suggestions for impressive interview looks and outfits for all the career oriented ladies. A demonstration was given by her assistant makeup artists on a model chosen from the audience which was followed by a helpful Q&A session. The session came to an end with a powerful message by Hifsa Khan who stated that the best thing to wear is your confidence; a confident woman can overcome any obstacle that comes her way. She urged the girls to not follow fashion in a way that threatens their individuality and told them how to use fashion as a tool to express their own self.

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