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Career Counselling Day

The Placement office arranged a Career Counselling day on October 5th, 2017. The purpose of this activity was to inform and educate students regarding Placement Office services and how students can contact Placement team anytime regarding their major choices, career options and any career related confusions. Ms Zahra Haroon, Assistant Manager Placement started the session with a wake up activity which activated the students and build momentum for the upcoming session. It was followed by Ms Rabia Suhail Manager Placement explaining students the importance of choosing the right career.

After the presentation a DISC activity was conducted; the purpose of the activity was that the students know about their own personality as well as other people they interact with professionally. After the presentation there was one on one counselling sessions which continued the whole day in TRC 6. Ms Zarnab Zulfiqar and Ms Ume Laila counselled the 1st year and 2nd year students, Ms Rabia Suhail counselled the 3rd year, 4th year students and Ms Zahra Haroon counselled the MBA students. Overall it was a successful event.

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Setting Up a New Business - An Alumni Perspective

The Placement Office conducted a session on “Setting up a new Business Pros & Cons-An Alumni Perspective” on October 2nd, 2017. The session started with Miss Alishey Obaid, CEO Foodiology 101 talking about her idea and how her passion led to her starting her own business. She explained in detail what problems she incurred during the process of starting up. The second speaker was Mr Haris Habib, owner Daily Deli, a burger joint at Arfa Kareem Towers. He told his story of initially getting a job after graduation and then doing a project for his boss. During the project he realized the potential  of food court space at Arfa Towers and he took the initiative to start the business himself by taking initial seed money from his father. He spoke about his difficulties and failures when his second branch at DHA got burned and how he handled the situation and finally got over the circumstances. The third guest, Mr Aadil Rasul, owner Bomber Jackets Official narrated his story; how he started from twenty five thousand rupees. His aim was to make the brand a premium brand and worn by niche of the society. The speakers talked about the marketing & advertising tools they used for their brands .They also spoke about how Lahore School enabled them to understand the market and be successful entrepreneurs.


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Meet & Greet Session With MBA II Students

The Placement office arranged a three day Meet & Greet session from 25th September to 28th September, 2017 with the MBA II students. The purpose of these sessions was to meet the new batch and make them familiar with the recruitment process. The session involved group discussion with students to discuss their strength and weaknesses and their career goals in detail. The students talked about their past job experiences and the kind of jobs they are looking for once they graduate. They also discussed current job market dynamics and the placement statistics over the past. The placement team discussed interview giving techniques and how to give successful interviews. They were also informed about the upcoming trainings, sessions and recruitment drives Placement Office has planned for the MBA students.


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